Second Opinion on the BMW R1100RS

Collected the R1100RS on Wednesday night, after a feat of logistics planning between Livingston and South Queensferry. I’m the only driver in the house, so I had good fun with the round trip involving driving the car, riding the motorbike, catching a bus and catching a train.

Having checked the bike over, I’m going to avoid second guessing the examiner and put it through its MOT test, and see what he thinks. The lower shock mounting has been tightened up, the brakes have been freed off, and the pads in both calipers replaced as they were badly corroded on the backs and not sitting on the pistons correctly. The discs have been left alone, as have the handlebars – they are mounted on two large rubber bushes and are supposed to move. The chap working on it gave it a good test ride and it handles and goes fine for him.

Just over £80 so far – we’ll see how the MOT goes in a week’s time.