Ninth or Tenth Ride To Advanced

I’ve checked back and I’m not sure which week this is, so here goes anyway.

The preparation for my IAM Advanced Motorcycle Test with EDAM started up again today with the clock change. Between work and recent illness I haven’t been out on the R1100RS that much, so today was reassuring in that I appeared to be at a similar level as I was in November. Same weak areas, others have held steady or have become more of my standard ride which is a good thing. I need to look as far as possible, observing what is going on and using the information. My slow maneuvering is also a bit ropey, as it was before.

I was out with Bob and Steve today, Steve having his test pass and planning to train up as an Observer. We did a mix of A/B, town and dual carriageway.

It was good to get out with my same Observer, there are limitations to practice and what can develop, but with the lighter evenings I might be able to get out and practice slow stuff. MOT is on Saturday, hopefully there won’t be any frights in that area.