Out on the bike and stuff

I used to be good at posting my Sunday ride reports, but I think I spent the time last Sunday finishing typing up my notes as Secretary of the Scottish IAM Forum. I now need to process it into more legible minute type quality that can be published.

I finally found a Sunday morning when I didn’t have an Observed Car run and the bike was in one piece and not having any problems. So I met the three other chaps at Dreghorn Services for a run to St Mary’s Loch in the borders.

From Dreghorn we went South to Peebles, East to Innerleithen, then South (I think) to join the A708 and head to the Glen Cafe. They do excellent Bacon Rolls there, and I managed to get them to do me two after the official breakfast time. The Borders group had also made a trip there – I think they had more out that we did from EDAM.

Then back over towards the Megget Reservoir through the sunshine and falling snow, then up Tweedsmuir way and back towards Leadburn and Penicuik.

I nice run, though I need more practice at maintaining progress for that amount of time. I get left behind a bit.

Drip Drip of Petrol from the bike comes from

Headed over to see George in South Queensferry this afternoon to look at the petrol drip. It looked like it was coming down the outside of the three breather pipes that come down the right hand side of the R1100RS. Having looked under the seat, the breather pipes looked a bit cracked, but trimming and reconnecting them just had the drip coming out of the pipe.

The breathers connect to a plate on the bottom of the fuel tank, which itself connects to lines inside the tank to connect to the fuel filter and petrol filler cap drain hole – channels rain water away. Sounds like one of the breather pipes inside the tank is allowing the petrol of the tank to seep in and run down the pipe. That means a tank-off job to ferret about inside to check the pipes for leaks and make sure their connector seals are ok.

So I left the bike with George and should be able to pick it up soon.

Orange SPV M600 and personalisation on Orange World

I’ve had an Orange SPV M600 for a while now, and I think it is excellent. I even have TomTom installed and with my bluetooth GPS it works a treat in telling me where to go.

One thing that this phone didn’t do too well was pick up my personalisation stuff for Orange World. Orange World is a set of mobile type pages with stuff like ringtones and other rubbish stuff, but really usefull stuff like live train times. The one or two times I’ve been to South Queensferry to drop the bike off, the train times planner has been really useful. What I missed is what my previous SPV phones did, which was remember who I was and suggest favourite stations and journeys that I’d used before. I don’t travel by train that often, but being able to pick the same two or three stations is quite handy.

So with 20 minutes free time I did a bit of googling around, and found instructions on how to sort the settings to allow orange to detect my phone properly and know it was me. There is a thread on modaco that tells you what to do – Orange World Site on SPV M600. And my old favourites and cinema settings etc came back – I haven’t seen them for over a year since my old SPV. And new stuff like my account page, which tells me my minutes and megabytes left. Superb.

Sunpig Surfaces

Martin (Sunpig) headed over to Holland last year, and since then his blog has been a bit quiet. Mrs Sunpig’s blog gave hints of the shock to their system, so it was good to see Sunpig surface with a review of the year.

It was Sunpig that got me into blogging, but was always more prolific than me. For me posts are a barometer of the life of AlistairL, when the conditions come together I blog. I was going to say it is when I’m confident and feeling more extrovert, but I don’t think it is as simple as that.

For the time being, enjoy hearing from Sunpig – he’s a bit like one of those huge submarines that stay submerged for months, rising for the occaisional burst of traffic once in a while.

Shingle Ping 😉