Drip Drip of Petrol from the bike comes from

Headed over to see George in South Queensferry this afternoon to look at the petrol drip. It looked like it was coming down the outside of the three breather pipes that come down the right hand side of the R1100RS. Having looked under the seat, the breather pipes looked a bit cracked, but trimming and reconnecting them just had the drip coming out of the pipe.

The breathers connect to a plate on the bottom of the fuel tank, which itself connects to lines inside the tank to connect to the fuel filter and petrol filler cap drain hole – channels rain water away. Sounds like one of the breather pipes inside the tank is allowing the petrol of the tank to seep in and run down the pipe. That means a tank-off job to ferret about inside to check the pipes for leaks and make sure their connector seals are ok.

So I left the bike with George and should be able to pick it up soon.