MCP Exams and the Microsoft way of doing things

MartinS has just passed 70-316 to get his MCSD.NET “premier” certification and congratulations to him!

He reiterates a point made many times by MCP exam takers that there is a definate Microsoft way of things. Many of these exams present answers in a multiple choice format and when given the option between the way you would do things, and the “proper microsoft” way of doing things, you have to defer to the latter.

I’m not surprised, computer based testing has to degrade to one answer in the end so in the absence of a written exam format I’m happy to forfeit the opportunity for debate to get a pass or fail immediately at the end of my exam. Apparently PRINCE2 practitioners have to wait over 2 weeks to get the results of their test – ouch.

This blog is moving to a new host

Hopefully that is. I have started a subscription to a paid hosting provider and will attempt to set up the blog in the new environment over the next few days. It will be under one of the alistairl domains, and should look exactly the same.

How quickly it happens will depend on my navigation around the .net side of things. Shouldn’t take too long at all.

More details as it happens!

New Hosting Arrangement in Place

Well, that migration went more smoothly than I thought it would. In the end I would put more of the time down to file transfer and familiarisation with the directory layout than actual configuration related issues.

We shall see over the next few days whether everything is working ok – looks fine at the moment.

Blog days are numbered

Its a fair cop. I, and the other europe.webmatrixhosting users have received notification that they are going to enforce the 30 day lifetime rule on sites hosted by them, so I am going to have to decide whether I want to pay some money and host this elsewhere, or go quiet for a while.

Decisions decisions. I’ve been posting stuff up here for a while, on and off, we shall see what I decide.