Fatal Accident Enquiry – Steve Hislop

Its over three years since Steve Hislop, the motorcycle racer, died in a helicopter crash in the Scottish Borders. The BBC website has a news item saying an FAI is to be held.

He was an interesting chap, quite focussed like motorcycle racers are, and had a mixed career. When he was good, he was very very good, the rest of the time his demons held him back from the kind of success he had potential for. Last time I saw him was giving a television interview at Knockhill during qualifying for the British Superbike round – he was resting up after an accident, it was later that week that they discovered he had a broken neck.

There’s a good biography of him that has been out for a few years now, and the family and I visited the room dedicated to him in Hawick a few years ago.

2007 Evening Class programme at Borders College

Just had a brochure through the post from Borders College, listing out their evening class programme for September 2007. There is a range of classes at their places in the Borders, from the Know Your Motorcycle course which I did earlier in the year to Belly dancing.

Another one that looks really interesting is mountain bike maintenance at Glentress – I know quite a few folks that go down there to use the trails.

Advanced Motoring – the next chapter

Either I’m a badge collector, or I really value road safety (or I’m a glutton for punishment), but I’ve registered to go along to the introduction session for the last course of the year with Edinburgh Advanced Motorists.

I’m hoping to benefit my car driving (obviously) but mainly my bike riding by learning how to do a proper commentary which will hopefully improve my observing even more for the motorbike.

I’m going to bite the bullet and get the clutch replaced on the R1100RS which should improve my confidence no end for overtakes and other accelleration situations. The fact it slips in 4th and 5th is really annoying, and I’ll get the gear position switch fixed at the same time too. That should sort the RID (Rider Information Display) display which only shows 2 or 3 at optional times.

Server fun

Apologies if you see error messages over the next few weeks, for some reason the existing platform threw a bit of a wobbly yesterday. I suspect it might again while I consider the upgrade.

Subtext almost but not quite upgrade

Tried an upgrade to subtext last night, but it didn’t work and I wasn’t getting enough diagnostic information back to lead me on a troubleshooting path.

Like a few of these things, the instructions are great if you have access to the box admin (terminal services etc) but I’m on a cheapy shared hosting arrangement and this puts a web UI in front of a lot of the admin stuff.

I’ve not given up though, I just can’t be bothered spending all the time fixing it at the moment. But I like the idea of subtext so much that I’ll be giving it another go soon.

And I am so relieved that I managed to get .Text back and working – phew!