Restore Log Analytics Table – does not exist

Had a tricky one this morning which was all down to me not reading a line in the documentation. This time I was trying to restore from retention the Azure Virtual Desktop Diagnostics table WVDConnections so that I could double check when users in our dedicated group had last logged in to use AVD.

I constructed my nice cli command thus:

az monitor log-analytics workspace table restore create --subscription "ALZCore" --resource-group central-mgmt --workspace-name loganalyticsworkspace --name WVDConn022022 --restore-source-table WVC_Conn_Temp_022022 --start-restore-time "2022-04-01T00:00:00.000Z" --end-restore-time "2022-10-31T00:00:00.000Z" --no-wait

And got back the delightful error message:

(ResourceNotFound) The specified table: 'WVC_Conn_Temp_022022' does not exist. Operation Id: '62aa86f42cf3d1c9a'
Code: ResourceNotFound
Message: The specified table: 'WVC_Conn_Temp_022022' does not exist. Operation Id: '62aa86f42cf5f15d'

I then went around a few circles, then read the documentation page carefully “The table name needs to end with ‘_RST’.”

In my indignation I went back to the original page to hunt for a mistake and didn’t find it; the example tables on the page end with _RST.

And finally note that I’ve truncated certain values etc to make things more legible – please refer to the original documentation, end your tables in _RST and delete the restored tables asap!

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