Random Purchases

Apart from a whole pile of books, I have purchased:

And all of them, apart from the headphones, are bike related!

This time of year and viruses

According to two of the Doctors at our local surgery, “There is a lot of it about”. Ok, I may have paraphrased it a little, but you get the gist of the effect.

I’m just back to work after three weeks of a virus that got me, and ended up with Bronchitis in the bargain. Endless coughing, associated pain and feeling ill – yeuch.

I got a bit of a fright after the Doctor examined me, “It’s not pneumonia, thankfully”, and I’d only got as far as Bronchitis (if that is a bonus) and got a course of antibiotics to fight it away.

From talking to others since, and one with a relative in Hospital with pneumonia, it just escalates from a cold like virus to various degrees of chest infection.

So I’m back, absolutely exhausted, and roll on the weekend to work on the recovery.