Still Here, just spread about a bit

My goodness, almost a year since I posted on my blog. What have I been doing? For one thing my inane chat and comments albeit briefly have been recorded on the currently more trendy Facebook and Twitter. And perhaps I’ve got a bit quieter and less inclined to waffle on about my life and work. Facebook with appropriate privacy settings seems more appropriate for delivering updates to those I know personally, and twitter has settled into brief broadcasts biased to work matters with a smattering of local and other mutterings.

Otherwise a big aspect of my non-work life has been losing weight – I’ve found a diet that works for me and although it appears to be strange on face value, I’m already 3 stones down in weight this year and sticking in to see how far I can go. It has greatly improved my quality of life, my knees don’t hurt like they used to and my motorcycle kit is looser on me and this makes a big difference to my comfort.

I’ll have a think about what more I can say and get back to you here!