Superbike School UK on Motors TV

Having a nice slow start this morning I hunted around the channels looking for some motorbike stuff to watch and stumbled across a programme called “Superbike School UK”. I actually thought this might be a programme that I had seen before, but I was chuffed to realise that it was a series of programmes about the California Superbike School in the UK. CSS is the track based course to go on, and came to the UK about ten years ago. It is based on the materials of Keith Code who wrote amongst others the Twist of the Wrist books which I have mentioned in previous posts.

Unfortunately the programme I have just found is episode 6 which is the last of the series so I hope they re-run it. It actually shows the elements of the drills of the school and gives a great introduction. It is quite interesting as I just booked another course with i2imca, to do MC2 next year which is the off road element and as you will expect deals with slippery stuff but on motocross bikes. That done, there is only MC4 to do which is supermoto. I was also chatting with Ben, the EDAM associate I have been working with and he was talking about doing CSS level 1, which is an excellent compliment to the road stuff we have been looking at with the IAM.