I think I will upgrade my blog software

I have been running with .Text blogging software since I got this hosting arrangement set up back in 2004. At the time development was quite active on it and it was an introduction for me to blogging, and on my platform of choice of .NET.

Since then things have moved on and I have been looking to bring my software more up to date. Mainly to support more recent developments like blog writing tools that let you compile things offline. I’ve attempted the usual work arounds, like using notepad as an offline tool to draft posts, but it niggles me that more up to date options are available.

The chap (Scott Watermasysk) behind .Text moved on to some success with Community Server, but it appeared to be bigger than I needed. A few years later I was pleased to see that a generous community of developers had branched the .Text code under the project name Subtext. Since I found out about it, I have been planning to upgrade to Subtext and even made an abortive attempt at upgrading but bottled out. Prematurely it would seem as the error I encountered was easily remedied by the support team at my hosts. I was again pleased during a recent visit to the Subtext project site to see that they have recently issued version 2.0 of Subtext after a while where I wasn’t that sure of progress on the application. And as they mention good Windows Live Writer support (which I am using with my work blogs) I think I will give it another go to upgrade.

It may mean that the blog drops off the web for a little while, or it may go very smoothly. I don’t know if the feed URLs may change, I’ll be doing my best to make sure that things are easy to find if they do move.