Ron Jacobs is back with

I used to subscribe to a podcast called ARCast, which was an architecture Podcast from Microsoft, hosted by a chap called Ron Jacobs. I used to listen to it on the bus to the Business Analysis job I was doing at a Corporate Bank. They fitted in quite nicely, I could get 1 to 1.5 podcasts in on my ride into Edinburgh on the X25.

When that job finished I was back to commuting by car and didn’t listen to my MP3 player as much, but my RSS reader kept downloading the files and adding them in to the Media Player sync list. From time to time I checked back and discovered that ARCast wasn’t producing any more files. As it was, Ron Jacobs had moved on to pastures new. Moving from Architecture into deeper technical stuff.

So here I was trying to get to grips with WCF again for a bit of a project that wants to connect Microsoft Office SharePoint Server to Microsoft Dynamics CRM and I came across the total noobs guide to WCF Lesson 1. And this time, Ron Jacobs is in your face – well for a short time until he gets in to the code of a WCF service. This is a great primer and I look forward to the further lessons. If you want a bit of amusement, look behind Ron at the beginning – you see a kid wandering about, then trying to crawl past so as not to appear in his video. Superb.

Good to have you back, Ron.

ZoneAlarm issue an update

Zonealarm have issued an update to the clash with the Windows XP Update mentioned in a previous post. It seems to work, but unfortunately it also means that Windows Security Centre can’t see that ZoneAlarm is doing its firewall bit on my machine. So I still have to have something switched off to stop my PC nagging me.

ZoneAlarm Clashes with Windows Update

I’ve been rebooting and doing all sorts of things to my main desktop PC tonight, as certain services were not connecting to the internet.

Turns out there is a clash between one of the updates in the recent Tuesday Microsoft XP Release and ZoneAlarm. I picked up the news message from CNet via google. Turns out KB951748 which corrected a dns exploit mucks up ZoneAlarm. The two companies are working it out, but it is not the first time that ZoneAlarm has stopped working on me due to an update of Office or Windows. Arrgh. The options for fixing it aren’t too brilliant at the moment either.