Retro SQL Week

As the previous entries in the blog have described, I have been out of the office on customer sites for more days than not. I was going to point out that I have spent supporting a couple of customers using SQL Server 6.5, but it has just occurred to me that I have in fact used SQL Server 6.5, 7.0 and 2000 in the last 5 days and used all versions at one customer (albeit not the same project).

Fancy that.

I should really dive on to the Yukon box that one of my colleagues built using the disk I brought back from the PDC and get the full set. I wonder if there is an equivalent to “Munro Bagging” for getting four versions of SQL in the same week? Maybe I should hunt down 6.0 and 4.2 and then perhaps one of those Alpha systems.

They have canned the rest of Jupiter

After the deafening silence at the PDC in LA with regards to the ebiz servers (I had to make do with the limited BizTalk sessions) we have the announcement that the Discovery part (i.e. the second bit, as opposed to Voyager the first bit) has been grounded.

This is mentioned by both Spencer Harbar and Mark Harrison in their respective sites, so go there and take a look. Take note of the extra comment by Mark, useful extra info bearing in mind his role as a Systems Engineering dude at Microsoft.

Working in Glasgow today

I had the occasion to visit the other big city in Scotland today doing a bit of support work on a web app.

Got up early, travelled through to the city centre and popped in to Easy Internet Cafe for a cup of coffee and a read of my work email using the excellent web access tools provided with Exchange Server 2003. Of course, Cedalion have a real smart team who can design and implement the same thing for you.

I have been through to Glasgow a few times and have almost got my head around the Costa Coffee arrangement at the Glasgow branch of EasyInternet whereby you ask for your latté to go in order to carry it across to the web terminals.

“Are you drinking in or taking away?” , Alistair says “Er, actually taking away to go over there..”.

It must be me. I manage to make this really awkward.

Alistair’s Blog is getting linked to

I will need to get my act together with this blog as my eminent ex-colleagues are beginning to link to it. As you may or may not know, this blog is running Scott Watermasysk’s dottext (.Text) blogging software on the european webmatrix hosting site.

I have a few tweaks to finalise the installation as I would like it, and have to get the email sending working with the hosting arrangement and we will be “cooking on gas” as the term hereabouts goes.

In the meantime thanks to Martin Sutherland and Spencer Harbar for picking up on the new blog.