Top weekend run – Saturday morning

Went on my longest trip on the motorbike on Saturday morning with Joe, one of the associates from EDAM. Joe is technically an associate, but he’s a lot more experienced rider than I am, and really knows how to make the most of his bikes – at the moment he has two to choose from in his garage, either a K1200S or a K1200GT. Passing his IAM test is a matter of time, he just tends to be a bit busy!

Met up with Joe and John at South Queensferry, John was up visiting and was on Joe’s K1200GT, with Joe on his week old K1200S. The route was up the M90, cut off at the Kelty Junction then up the A823 through Glen eagles, up to Crieff. Then along Loch Earn to Lochearnhead, north on the A85 then East along the North of Loch Tay.

An excellent route, lots of different types of road, and absolutely stunning scenery – which could be a bit of a distraction. The other two guys got away from me a few times, Joe really knows the road, and the two K’s have the latest in BMW motorcycle suspension and engine technology – but he was charitable enough to say I wasn’t too far behind! They were good and stopped at junctions so I wouldn’t get lost – hats off to them.

It was good to go for a blast, and I only tripped my “survival reactions” once, and being about 150 miles I was able to see the difference that relaxing in corners makes, practice straightlining and just get some more miles in.