Out on the bike and stuff

I used to be good at posting my Sunday ride reports, but I think I spent the time last Sunday finishing typing up my notes as Secretary of the Scottish IAM Forum. I now need to process it into more legible minute type quality that can be published.

I finally found a Sunday morning when I didn’t have an Observed Car run and the bike was in one piece and not having any problems. So I met the three other chaps at Dreghorn Services for a run to St Mary’s Loch in the borders.

From Dreghorn we went South to Peebles, East to Innerleithen, then South (I think) to join the A708 and head to the Glen Cafe. They do excellent Bacon Rolls there, and I managed to get them to do me two after the official breakfast time. The Borders group had also made a trip there – I think they had more out that we did from EDAM.

Then back over towards the Megget Reservoir through the sunshine and falling snow, then up Tweedsmuir way and back towards Leadburn and Penicuik.

I nice run, though I need more practice at maintaining progress for that amount of time. I get left behind a bit.