Anniversary Weekend

It was my 11th Wedding Anniversary at the weekend, so the wife and I had a couple of days away in a Holiday Inn Express.

The weekend started with a meal for us and the kids at Chenzo’s in Uphall, which is a bit of a family tradition.

Then the Scottish Motorcycle Show on Saturday morning. This was fun as I had been swapping emails with a company that does custom ear plugs, and as I had recently fitted the Autocom headset to my helmet, I was told to get a “lid-on” impression. This means they let the moulds set while wearing your helmet. I popped along and they had a look in my ears, then pop a little sponge in each ear about as deep as a normal ear plug. Then they fill your ears with blue goo, from a thing like a miniature calk gun. Of course, this was all at the bike show so I was sat on a chair on their stand with folks walking by while I had it done. Then the lid on part removed what dignity I had. The audiologist had a plastic cover but my head was too big so it was down to a modified trusty Morisson’s carrier bag instead. That went over my ears then the helmet went on. As instructed I did the helmet up exactly as I would wear it, to help the impression work. Then I was sat there for about 15 minutes while the goo set, then it was off with the helmet and the chap unscrewed the moulds from my ears. Then they go off to the lab and they make my snazzy earplugs.

We wandered around the show and I sat on a few bikes, the best was the R1200GS Adventure and the new Kawasaki tourer. Both had lots of room. I had a sit on a Ducati 1098 and I could almost feel my hip joints being seperated. Owowowowowow.

Having looked around we headed off, and I got as far as Bathgate before realising I’d forgotten that I’d left my helmet at the Charity helmet park. So I had to drive back to Ingliston to get my helmet. Then another go at driving to Glasgow.

Glasgow was nice, we stayed at the Holiday Inn theatreland and went to see three films. We saw U23D first which was great, loud music and 3d filming. A great way to see a concert, albeit the music could have been a bit louder! The next day we saw two films, one was The Other Bolyn Girl which I didn’t fancy much but was alright – my wife had read the book and wanted to see it. Then we headed to the West End of Glasgow to have lunch at the Kelvingrove Cafe – a restaurant in the basement of the restored Kelvingrove, pausing on the way to see my name on the wall as one of the sponsors of the restoration. After a nice lunch we headed back into town and went to see Vantage Point later, which I thought was good but has an irritating device of showing the same 12 minute sequence from the perspective of about 6 or 7 different people. Folk were swearing in the cinema by the third go.

Photos to follow.