Further catchup with the world of AlistairL

I think I would be better off with Twitter than these summary posts, but such is. These will placeholder my life until I get my thoughts down in more detail:

  • A week last Friday I took Mrs AlistairL out for a Fish Tea at the Tailend restaurant in Albert Place. Alegedly related to the management of the Anstruther place at one time, they managed to squeeze us in without a table booking and the fish and chips was excellent. The dining room is a bit small, so look it up in advance and book. Recommended.
  • I had “fun” this week wrestling with some UI work regarding customisations to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0. A search around the blog postings on IFRAME Javascript calls to parent forms shows the same but frankly useless code example. I’ll spare you a rant on this sort of stuff, just remember that some folks don’t try the sample code they blog. I got it figured with a bit of code from the SDK, a bit of code from a blog posting (I know) and a function “borrowed” from the CRM js libraries. And that was after virtual directory fun in IIS. Full posting to follow.
  • Had a lovely brunch with Mrs AlistairL at S Luca in Morningside, she had the Vegetarian, I went for the French again with extra bacon (poached egg, bacon, muffin with Hollandaise sauce – yum).
  • I’ve stepped in to the breach at work and volunteered to take an exam at short notice (for me). I am booked to sit 70-630 TS: MOSS 2007, Configuring on Monday 8th September.
  • I bought a rorty exhaust for the RS from ebay this week (a bargain). Work are getting used to me carrying motorbike exhausts home from the office.