Catchup with the world of AlistairL

I do these catchup posts from time to time, when I go through a period when I’m not in to keeping the blog up to date. Happenings include:

  • Cat MkII. After keeping her resolution not to have another cat, two weeks after the departure of Cat MkI I accompanied Mrs AlistairL to Dalkeith to meet a little female kitten being fostered with her brother and mother by the Lothian Cat Protection folks. After an hour of play we departed with a little 12 week old black male kitten who is now called Luey. He plays most of the time he is awake and sometimes will play fetch – bringing items back that you throw for him. His little black and white sister didn’t want to play as much – apparently female cats can be like that.
  • New Tyres – put a set of new Bridgestone BT-021s on my bike, which is all back together and working after my tumble. Maybe I blogged about that.
  • Kung Fu Panda – Took Mrs AlistairL to see Kung Fu Panda at the IMAX in Glasgow. Enjoyed it and going to see the Dark Knight on Saturday at the same venue.
  • IAM Motorcycle Observing – I have been helping someone work towards their advanced test. They ride a Fireblade, I’ve not lost sight of them on the ride outs so far.
  • Shiny valve caps – I bought these as one of the other Motorcycle Observers said they were better (they have a seperate seal in them) but the young folks in my street seem to like taking them off my bike and car. After two weeks of replacing them every other day I have given up and gone back to black.
  • New Phone – After enjoying my Orange SPV M600, I have now got a black and shiny HTC Touch Diamond. Doesn’t have a memory slot, but hangs together pretty good. Yes I know it is not an IPhone but neither was the price. Unfortunately the supply chain of accessories is as stuttery as the phone supply chain – I’m waiting on a cradle and one of those strange HTC extended USB cables.
  • SharePoint and Microsoft CRM – I did two courses in the last month or so, one on Microsoft CRM and another on MOSS 07, or SharePoint as we commonly call it. Both are superb products and I’m looking forward to using them.
  • Writing – I wrote a short article covering the Scottish IAM Motorcycle Senior Observer’s day in April and it has been published along with a photograph I took on the day. They went in to the Motorcycle section of the summer 2008 edition of Advanced Driving Magazine, the members magazine for IAM Members.