Latest on the broken Motorbike

Latest update on the broken Motorcycle is that it is progressively getting unbroken. I patched it up with gaffer tape last week and took it out for a run on Friday night, but got to the petrol station at Dreghorn to find my left foot and lower leg covered in oil. Not the best in any situation, but it was pouring with rain and made things really slippery.

The bike was running fine though, but this had me thinking all sorts of crazy things about cracked cylinder head or other terrible things. So I laid a trail of oil on the way home and put the bike away in a rather dejected state. Then I did a bit of comedy trying to get my oily stuff off without getting oil on the carpet. Thank goodness it was dark when I got home đŸ˜‰

I phoned up George the mechanic and arranged to see him on Tuesday evening, and let the folks know that I wouldn’t make the charity run I’d hoped to be on on Sunday. Tuesday night and George spent 10 minutes discovering that I had failed to mount the inner seal properly on the LHS valve cover I had fitted. It was effectively blowing oil out round the spark plug and making a right mess. So went back home and fitted the new seal I still had in its bag at home.

In the middle of the week I got a second hand fairing so I’m making contact with a chap who’s details were given to me and get him to spray the red fairing to blue to match the bike. So tonight I took 90 minutes to remove the existing front fairing in preparation for handing that over for the paint match and the new one to get sprayed.

Things are coming together, next thing once the bike is back together is to get my confidence back up on the bike.