It finally looks like I will be switching from Demon Internet

I’ve been a bit of a boring fart and stuck with the same Internet Service Provider since I first got a dialup account about a decade ago. Since then Demon Internet grew up, got bought by Thus, chucked away the infrastructure they had established. Got broadband, etc etc.

But their speeds haven’t been great and I was on their best consumer product with no way of buying my way out of it with them. Knowing folks with cable just rubs salt in the wounds of speed. And then I got a new server toy and downloaded loads and started getting emails from Demon saying I was running close to their FUP limits and look out.

That was the nudge to switch to a cheaper ISP who suggests they can give me up to 3 times the speed I do at the moment. Frankly, with ADSL technology being what it is I take this speed claim with a mild pinch of salt. But if they can give me the same speed and not threaten to disconnect me if I use it then I will be happy enough.

So I’ve boosted the infrastructure behind to switch from mail forwarding to mail hosting (sounds posh – I clicked an option on a web page) and I’m in the process of switching online accounts over to my personal domain. So that could be the end of, and my dodgy website to go with it.

I’m going for a pro account with Be Unlimited, which compared to the £25 a month for 8Mb Broadband from Demon, is supposed to be £22 for 24Mb Broadband. Of course both speeds are a bit of a joke, but here goes.