Second go at getting service kit – Rant

With the non-arrival of the service kit I ordered for my motorbike (posted out on the 11th December), I phoned Sherlocks and they are going to put a claim in for the missing parcel. Because non-delivery has happened before, they refuse to send to my address now, so I’ve arranged for it to be delivered to work. Thank goodness I work in an office where I can do this, otherwise I’d be scuppered.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’ve had a number of items get returned to sender – either quickly or slowly, with no explanation as to the reason. One item from Sherlocks was returned to them saying it hadn’t been collected from the sorting office, so things are wearing a bit thin when I phone them. With this situation I’m caught between two suppliers. The Royal Mail ask if I’ve had a card put through when I phone up to ask if they have an item for me, and Sherlocks ask if I’ve called the sorting office. Lately, I had a card put through and the item appears to have vanished from the sorting office. The last time, no card appeared and I had Sherlocks wondering why Alistair the nutter calls them every day, when he would be better served going to the sorting office who is holding his item.

After a week of phoning the sorting office every other day asking about the item I have a card for I’ve given up. In a last ditched attempt I fought my way through the Royal Mail website to submit a complaint. It, like one or two other websites, are exercises in FAQ obfuscation. The TomTom website and Royal Mail websites make you twist and turn through lists of FAQs for the ignorant masses, before a very small link allows you to fill out a webform. The webform (supported by Vogon Workflow) asks you how tightly you had tied your shoelaces on the day you hoped to receive your item, and reminds you that the Royal Mail aren’t the only delivery firm.

What cracks me up is that I live in a terraced house, 5 minutes from the sorting office, and there are usually two people in the house. Leave a card or knock harder – I’d love to support the Royal Mail but this gets my goat.