Royal Mail send parcels back

It doesn’t happen all of the time, and just applies to parcels, but I’ve had another eBay parcel go straight back to the seller without any attempt at telling me that the Royal Mail tried to deliver it.

And not just eBay stuff, but the service kit I need for my R1100RS motorbike has also gone awol. It was posted on the 11th December, and here I am on the 21st trying to find out what on earth is going on. This probably means I won’t be able to get the bike serviced until the new year – either the thing will turn up or I’ll need to order another kit to get sent through.

Earlier in the year I ordered a battery charger for the motorbike battery and when it didn’t turn up I arranged for another one, to hear from the company that the original had come back to them.

A card was put through my door relating to an attempted delivery of a packet on the 14th, I went on the 15th to check – wasn’t at Livingston sorting office. Started work early and left early to go to the sorting office – not there, please phone. Phoned twice this week and they can’t find the parcel. I’m hoping it is the service kit, but goodness knows.

This level of service has already led me to get flowers delivered to my wife by non Royal Mail, and also begin to get the motorbike parts delivered by other courier too. In these days of competition I find my loyalty to them misfounded, even though I’ve know a number of post office workers and management in my time. I’m disappointed by this.