The Gym

I’m still a bit wary about blogging stuff about going to the gym, it is still a bit of a 50/50 experience for me and it is like I am on the verge of stopping each time, but..

I progressed to the last column on my wee progress chart yesterday. Admittedly I had a gap of over four weeks in the middle, but Tony had written “10” in one of the settings in the last column to give me a target to work to. So having been going at the exercise machines on their setting 9 for the last couple of months, i went all the way up to 10 yesterday.

I survived, albeit was a bit sleepy for the rest of the day. So I’ll just have to stick on with it and see if Tony’s suggestion at my next review is to go all the way up to 11 – that bit extra on the LifeFitness machines they have in Leith.

For reference I go three times a week, and do four activities. First is 500 metres on the rowing machine, then 15 minutes on the bicycle doing the Hill+ Kiliminjaro, then 15 minutes on the cross trainer doing Hill+ Speed Training, then 15 minutes plus cooldown on the Treadmill. On the three latter machines I plug in the headphones and watch / listen to the Hits music channel pumped through the freeview connector.