Roundup of November 2007 so far

Things have been incredibly busy at work, I’ve got a project overrunning into another project that is starting, not ideal but the juggle should settle down soon. Both projects are really interesting in their own ways.

The advanced driving continues apace, after a bit of a lull waiting for the final stages to happen I’m now confirmed for my independent assessment in the group on 18th November, which is the equivalent of a mock test. In preparation I had a catch up Observed drive with my observer Colin on Monday evening. Generally ok, though I’ve been advised that I don’t need to do my commentary for the whole drive – just ten minutes, and that the banter and jokes in my commentary will need to be toned down for the test. All fine by me, I just chuck in the comments to help relax things. Hopefully all being well I’ll be able to go for my advanced driving test before the end of the year.

Not much has been happening on the Motorbike front, hopefully I’ll get out on it soon.