Picked up my Trophy last night

I was at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Edinburgh and District Advanced Motorcylists last night. These are annual fayre for regulated organisations of any sort, and being run under the charity laws in Scotland they have to observe the formalities. So I went along to have a look.

As I haven’t obtained full membership through the process of reaching the required level in an Advanced Motorcycle Test, I was along as an Associate, meaning I could watch but not vote when it came to that bit in the proceedings. It was typical of these things, with a tinge of unavoidable dryness due to the formal nature of the thing, but ok. It is always good to get together with a group of motorcycle enthusiasts, and we had a few guests along including the honourary president Jim Pryde, the scottish IAM Motorcycle Coordinator David Coia and the IAM Staff Examiner for Scotland, Rennie Ritchie.

And the main event for me was being presented with the Associate Trophy as a result of my efforts at the Miss Laidlaw event last year. It’s the first time I’ve been awarded a trophy for anything, so I’ve got the quaich on its plinth sitting here on my desk, and my name engraved in it! They took a photo of the presentation, so if I get a copy of it I’ll try and post it here. You know the kind of thing, cup handover, hand shake, mugging at the camera. Superb.