Twelfth Ride to Advanced

Took a break over the easter weekend and did a bit of riding on my own, practicing observations doing scanning, reading road signs etc.

This mornings run was mainly the borders, but with lots of corners to practice my road positioning. Every speed limit (apart from 50 I think) with right and left hand corners. We went from our venue near the hillend ski centre, headed south and I followed Bob my Observer for a demo run down a wee twisty B road (Pentland Road). Thankfully he didn’t quite go as fast as he could have on that on his VFR, so I mostly kept up. Then we headed South on the Straiton Road.

I’ve got a bit of refining to do with my speed limits, keeping up unless there is a hazard giving reason to slow under the limit that has been chosen for the road. This firstly means knowing the speed limit for a particular stretch of road, and then combining the right gear with the right throttle.

We went down towards Auchendinny which had a series of 30 and 40 limits with up and down and left and right roads. Down to Leadburn and all the way down to Peebles. Then left at the Petrol Station in Peebles and off to Innerleithen.

Points to work on are remembering to sacrifice position for safety. This happens when taking the visibility line for left handers, I need to move across to the middle of my side of the road to keep away from oncoming traffic on the other side of the road.

Head checks for junctions i.e. just before the turn to make sure any undertakers are spotted.

All in all it seemed to be coming together better, probably down to more practice, and perhaps my new boots 🙂

On the way home I was almost collected by someone riding a GSXR in a group, I was on my own heading west along the Seafield Moor Road, and the group did various overtakes towards me, then out pops this bike and just keeps coming, so I had to get out of the way. I just hope they don’t create an accident statistic in the borders. I’m not sure if they expected me to give way, or didn’t see me, it was a bit wierd.