Fifth Ride to Advanced

This week was a bit of a diversion, when I got to the car park that we meet up in, it was announced that the regular Miss Laidlaw trophy was happening. This is an award dedicated to a benefactor of EDAM, and involves a large bike and a small bike and a number of cones in a car park.

It was quite nostalgic to see a wee blue Honda CG125 sitting there, as that was the bike I did my CBT on all those years ago. They even had L-Plates fitted for genuine effect. The big bike was a CBF1000, which was really nice. And it really opened my eyes up to lighter bikes! I hadn’t realised how heavy the R1100RS was with all my luggage fitted.

We all started with a question paper on Roadcraft and Highway code signs, then a garage stop on the wee bike and cones on the big bike. I had a lot of fun, even though I didn’t do that well, hitting a cone on the first slalom and completely forgetting where I was going. It was a bit of a confidence booster being a lot easier than I thought.

I was quite scunnered at hitting the cone and forgetting the route, because I wanted another shot 🙂 , but the final round was a time trial, which upped the ante somewhat.

Hopefully back to the road practice next week, only a few weeks left this year.