Matching locks on a 1995 R1100RS Ignition, Panniers and Top box

Through the years, I knew I had made it when the car I drove had one key that worked all of the locks. Moving up the quality chain I was.

When I got the bike, it had two keys on the keyring. I had an invoice which seemed to suggest the top box (the 33 litre BMW top box that also fits the RT, and the 1150 RS and RT) had been bought later. I even had a lock mechanism with the paperwork. Trying the keys out, the ignition key also undoes the seat and the two panniers. The other key worked the top box.

Over the months I’ve gone through the ritual of always trying the wrong key in the top box first, for some reason bigger than me (the same reason that makes toast fall sticky side down)  it always seemed to be the wrong one. If you read up about it, they tell you that you can take the stuff to a BMW dealer and get them to match things up.

A wee hunt round the web showed up Daniel Ebdon’s excellent website, with instructions on how to do things like fit headlamp relays (a future project – I have the parts ;), fit heated grips and modify luggage locks. Now that Motorworks have pictures of their new parts up on the web, I bought the lock repair kit and went for it tonight.

The hardest part is getting the lock out, it is held in by a wee slidy bit of metal on a spring. The idea is you push a small screwdriver or similar through a wee hole and push the slidy bit of metal into the lock mechanism, and this allows the lock to be pulled out on the key.

That done, I swapped the keys over and only had to change one of the tumblers. Sorted, my one ignition key works all of the locks on the bike now. I feel almost posh.

Now I have to figure out how to get my gloves on and off without tangling myself up in bits of velcro..