The week in summary

This week has been a welcome mixed bag, the weather is picking up and the plants in the gardens have taken this as a signal to start growing. Our Silver Birch in the front garden is unfurling its leaves as we speak, and next door’s beech hedge has done the same. Only downside is that the grass has woken up too, time to see if the lawn mower still works.


My Cousins and Aunt, originally from Derbyshire and now a mix of Derbyshire and South Yorkshire were up spending a week in a cottage in the Lake District, so we drove down and spent the afternoon with them at a place near Ennerdale Bridge. Nice scenery, although the weather was a bit unsettled. The drive back was glorious.


Had taken the day off after the long drive, but didn’t feel too bad. A school holiday but exam time for my Daughter so I gave her a lift into school, then picked up some bits at B&Q for a repair to the garden shed. A nice quiet day.


First day back at work, usual rise in stress levels. Saddened to see the aftermath of a collision between a motorbike and car on the A71. Quite hard to see what the lead up had been, the bike had hit the car on its RHS to the RHS of the car. Either a U-Turn by the car into the path of the bike, or bike overtaking car which was turning right into a farm road. About 1 mile back towards Livingston from Wilkieston, the rider was still unconcious under the bike when I drove past. I haven’t ridden the road since to see what the visibility is like, but inevitably made me reflect somewhat now that I’m back on two wheels. Then I kept an eye out for the converging emergency services, right enough I had a police Mercedes patrol car overtaking towards me then two police Honda pan-european motorcycles and another Mercedes car when I was waiting on the bus at the park and ride.


Opportunity to get back to the office for a meeting late on, a great opportunity to be involved with the folks that employ me – there is a whole pile of stuff that you can’t get involved in when you are on-site long term.


Another glorious sunny day, tried to get on with work and not get wound up. For one or two reasons it didn’t quite work, but I am working that through. Made progress this week on all fronts, building my enthusiasm back up by listening to the ARCasts and that is a good thing.