ARCast – Modern Software

I’m working through the ARCast collection in a pretty random manner, or more likely I’m working through them in some filename order that my mp3 player dictates – it’s just that it displays the description of the track when it is playing, so I don’t know (or particularly care).

I listened to one of the ARCasts from earlier on in the year – Modern Software, with Ron Jacobs talking to a chap called David Chappell. A lot resonated from David’s comments, on one had he was quite negative about the success of SOA, but in a way that really connected with the business view of IT. IT departments lack credibility, so they are the last people you would ask to change your business process. And SOA doesn’t work because organisation departments and therefore budgets just don’t lend themselves to centralised services.

If you want business change resulting in the application of IT, get the businesses to hire the consultants themselves – ouch.

Listening to the ARCast I went from agreeing with what he said, being interested that he is still obviously engaged in the technology, then being a bit depressed after checking out his previous articles on off-shoring development etc. Having seen the pictures of Ron and David, I wonder if I should get the beard back ? 🙂