Contact Lens Trial

I started wearing glasses about three years after leaving school, I blame all that close up work at the Accountants, or it could be staring at TV screens typing in all those basic programs in my youth.

I followed up the reminder through the post to get an eye test, and was happy to find that my eyes have stayed much the same over the last two years or so. A couple of years ago I got prescription sunglasses for a change, this time I decided to try contact lenses. I’ve had real visibility problems with my spectacles steaming up under the visor of my crash helmet, and having discussed this with my optician reckoned that the trial at boots opticians was worth a go.

I’ve got astigmatism, so that makes the contact lens a bit more complicated, but was happy to find that they even do the so-called toric lenses in disposable daily lenses. Both the monthly and daily disposables were ordered up, and I went in to try them. Sometimes they try one of each type, but the visibility with the daily lenses was quite good, even though they weren’t quite on my prescription. Having put the lens in to your eyes, they send you out for twenty minutes to check that they fit correctly. So I wandered up Princes Street to McDonalds, blinking and staring a lot.

The visibility was excellent, albeit I was blinking a lot. Apparently the eyelids take a bit of getting used to going over the lens, it settles down over time. So I’ve ordered a batch up and await my call to go in and get the lesson in fitting them myself. In the meantime I must sleep more to reduce the bags under my eyes…