First steps back to motorbike training, January update

Having agreed to postpone my assessment in December due to snow, I got a call tonight from Joe of  Lothian Motorcycle Training to check whether I was still up for training. I said yes and I’m booked up for a couple of hours on Saturday afternoon.

That’ll be my nerves going again then. The last time I had someone look at my riding was my bike test in 1995, and similarly the last professional assessment of my driving was when I sat my car test in 1989. Of course I use the word professionally deliberately, I do get occasional comments on my driving from my nearest and dearest.

So I approach the thought of being followed while I wobble around a bit daunting, but the idea is to learn in the safest way possible. Once I settle into the idea it should be fun. Credit where it is due, Joe’s enthusiasm for motorcycling and training is quite infectious, which helps.