The last few weeks at work

Names changed to protect the innocent and all that, but the work landscape has been quite different lately.

In April I had a few days writing load tests scripts to hit an Accounting system. An interesting mix of VBScript sendkeys, bits of analysis and had the other guys doing a good bit of Citrix tweaking to build up a load to hit the server farm.

Then mid April I was assigned to a Business Analysis job at one of the Banks headquartered in Edinburgh. Being a bit of a techie (really!) it is a bit of a change, but a good opportunity to practice this bit of the development lifecycle that tends to be neglected when the ability to deliver is also present. It can be all to easy to dive into code, so a long stretch doing requirements documentation and Functional Specification will sharpen up my skills there.

Long term onsite assignment is something I’ve done from time to time, though it takes a couple of minutes to explain that I’m still employed by the same lot, I still do kind of the same job, it just so happens I’m working from the client premises till the end of the year.

As it happens, MartinS and MattL are also around and about the same site, though I float between buildings – one when I am working in the building that is the base for the division I am attached to, the other when I am out seeing “The Business”.

Being back in centre Edinburgh means public transport again, getting the bus in and out from West Lothian to Haymarket. I’m getting used to it, sitting on the bus just letting my thoughts wander, a lot less concentration than driving the car in similar traffic. I’m still blighted by my travel sickness though, worse when the bus is hot and windows steamed up. Something I hope I will grow out of (lol at my age). The other side effect is my driving needs a few miles to sharpen up each time – instead of my usual 40 mile round trip commute, I only drive the Passat from time to time.