Book Meme

Bloomin ‘eck, a pincer movement by MartinS and SpencerH.

This is going to have to be a work in progress. Sections updated as the figures come in:

Total Number of book’s I’ve owned

Erm, don’t know at the moment. I do know that I can’t move for the things in my house.

Last book I bought

Jupiter’s Travels by Ted Simon. Bought this on an impulse from a book shop in Perth, my wife pointed at it because it was about a bloke riding around the world on a motorbike. Yes, another book about riding around the world on a motorbike. Makes a change from Sci-Fi though..

Last book I finished

A book for the seriously stressed, by Geoff Thompson.

A gift bearing a strong hint from my wife. Interesting style, a chap that came to writing by a circuitous route which makes it an interesting study apart from the obvious content. Especially when his part-biography features a picture of him in a suit with a knuckle duster.

Five books that mean a lot to me

What? Only five, drat… Well, it will definately include Iain Banks Sci-Fi, and most likely a Culture novel (ok, so a lot of them are). A bit of Asimov, although I haven’t read any of them for years, and probably one of the Dune collection.

Meme passing

I’m going to resist creating a feedback loop with MartinS and SpencerH.