Jedburgh was nice

Just back in West Lothian after our stay in Jedburgh for just under a week. Went back to a place we had been a couple of years ago, which is almost in the middle of the town and has cracking views of the town and beyond.

Had an easy time, I read through two or three books, reviews to follow. We also went visiting. Went to the Hizzy room in Hawick, had lunch in Cats Coffee Shop which also happens to be part of a bike shop and popped over to Kelso for a couple of hours.

Was great to see a lot of bikes in the area around Jedburgh, and got a wave from a group of folks on Harleys when we were in the Coffee Shop.

Didn’t do any big thinking, but such is. Sounds like old MartinS is going through the thirty something stuff too. I’ll be commenting on that soon.