Knockhill British Superbike Qualifying was wet

Traditional weather, but a disappointment when you are paying the priviledge to see rain fall in a field. For those of you not in the know, the latest round of the British Superbike championship came to Knockhill last weekend. The racers zip around the track in a couple of sessions to set their fast times and decide their grid positions.

The first qualifying attempt finished just as we got to the track, getting up and ready and to the track for 10:10 or so just wasn’t going to happen on the first proper day of my holiday so we saw the other race classes out and about during the following hours.

The second round of qualifying for the 125cc machines came after the break for lunch at around 2 O’Clock and ran for about half of its allotted time before the heavens opened with big rain (you know, big rain drops) hail stones and a good bit of thunder rolled in for good measure.

I got soaked, then in a gap in the rain got back to the car to get the umbrella and the waterproof jacket then retrieved the rest of the family just before the rain came back on. We retreated back to the car but gave up after about half an hour and drove out of the circuit at about 15:30.

I mostly enjoyed the day, but missed the variety in sound of the superbikes which were due to come out later. The downside of going on the Saturday which is the day before race day is that slightly less is happening. The benefit is that you get to park within the circuit and it is generally quieter.

No guarantees in Scotland for outside events, so dependent on the weather, even in so-called summer months.