Back after a while

My goodness, it has been a few months since I posted here and that was after a run of postings every month. So what’s my excuse?

Well for one thing, I mucked up slightly with the blogging software hosting this site. I use SubText and I’ve been quite happy with it. The only thing is that I forgot the password, actually more specifically I deleted the email with the latest password reset, and it was then that I discovered that the version of SubText I was running did not have a functioning password reset. So it has taken me a couple of months to get organised and upgrade the software to then get it to reset and send me a password. I just did that with a bit of a manual merge and a bit of ftp work.

Other than that the last few months have been interesting – I concluded my work on a project in Basingstoke with a week off in London with my wife, followed by a week in Berlin on a course about SharePoint 2010. As you can imagine this was an excellent opportunity and the product is excellent, I am really looking forward to sharing my experiences when the product is released later this year. If you want to learn more about that week then check out my work blog – you should be able to find it easily but drop me a line if you can’t.

While working in Basingstoke I did my best to keep up with my voluntary work, which translated into keeping up with my work with IAM Observing. This is assisting with others working to the IAM advanced test, the weather got a bit bad towards October so this work will resume in the Spring with the better weather. Between now and then I will be trying to catch up with my committee work with the local IAM Motorcycle group and bringing together the annual accounts as treasurer.

This isn’t quite my “Thoughts on 2009, looking to 2010” posting, but I am heart of hearts hoping that I don’t go through a repeat of what happened with my job last year in the opening months. I’m as optimistic as I can be with things under my control, but I’ve held back with any further plans for motorcycle training until I am confident things are stable. So in the summer it could be that I cram in some late bookings with i2imca.

As well as here, you’ll catch me on twitter on work and day to day stuff, facebook for more personal stuff, and my work blog for the official line on what I do in my day job. Catch you soon.