Create custom movie settings for Windows Movie Maker

I’ve got a bullet camera and solid state video recorder that I use on my motorcycle from time to time, and I use Windows Movie Maker to edit them a little and then upload to YouTube. The unit I have is the so-called MiniDVR1 from dogcamsport – which creates videos at 640×480 resolution at 25 fps.

The only thing is since I upgraded to Vista Ultimate, it offers all sorts of excellent HD based resolutions in Windows which are way over the top for the budget recording kit I have. I found this guide on on how to create a custom output profile which is nearer to the quality level I record at.

Be careful to follow the instructions on the settings – i found that missing a step meant that the profile wasn’t read by Windows Movie Maker.

The guys at dogcam pointed out they have a new version of the MiniDVR – superb 🙂