London SharePoint User Group Meeting – August 27th

I just got an email through from Nick Swan of the UK SharePoint user group on an interesting event in London at the end of the month. He says:

“many of you who are using twitter and reading blogs will have heard of Dux Raymond as he’s very involved in the SharePoint community over in the States. In August he is over here for a visit and has kindly agreed to come and present at a user group meeting. As he’s traveling such a long way we’ve decided to give him both sessions! (and the abstracts he sent were difficult to choose between! 🙂 )

Session 1:

7 Ways to Leverage SharePoint for Project Management Success ============================================

In this presentation, you acquire the practical knowledge of how SharePoint can address common project management challenges such as inefficient communication among stakeholders, poor document management practices and undefined project collaboration standards that can compromise project success. SharePoint provides a framework that can empower project managers to create a standards-based PMIS.

Session 2:

Best Practices in Gathering Requirements for SharePoint Projects ============================================

Poor requirements can be attributed to failed SharePoint implementations. The key to successful SharePoint implementation is properly developing requirements. A lot of people know that this is important, however, only a handful of folks truly understand what it takes to do this right.

The meeting will be held at the Microsoft offices in Victoria. For more details, and to sign up – please visit the following forum thread:  “