I am seeking employment

Due to market conditions, I may be looking for employment in the not too distant future.

If you don’t already know me, I have a number of years experience working with Microsoft Products in a development capacity working for consulting companies on bespoke development and configuration projects. The bulk of this time has been work with internet technologies, whether applied to an application used internally by employees, or in secure Extranet and public Internet sites.

Application of such technologies in project work has led me to apply my talents to the following areas:

  • Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 – the latest application platform from Microsoft for Web Applications includes components to service internal and external customers. My work with this so far has covered business analysis, installation, configuration and customisation in a number of different sized setups.Over the years I have worked both “in the raw” with Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) and also with application platforms such as previous versions of SharePoint and Microsoft Content Management Server. I am qualified for and have carried out assignments under the Microsoft SharePoint Deployment Planning Services initiative.
  • Microsoft SQL Server – every application needs a database, and a proper server database at that. If you use Microsoft technology then you will be using SQL Server and it is essential that this is used properly. As well as consulting work solely related to SQL Server I have also designed, built and administered SQL Server farms used to support line or business applications. Recently this has included work to support SharePoint server farms using SQL Server 2005, but I am also a qualified Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (MCDBA) for SQL Server 2000.
  • Business Analysis – although I have always considered myself a technical consultant, web development is such a cross-disciplinary activity that it is essential to be able to relate to and understand the business needs of the customer and to be able to record and echo these to every member responsible for delivery in a project. At times I have carried out lengthy secondments in roles such as Business Analysis and Technical Writing for both bespoke development and infrastructure projects.

You will no doubt recognise that after almost 20 years in application development I have been involved in a number of areas, so if you would like to understand better what I can bring to your project then please drop me a line and we can talk about it. The points above are a short distillation of where I can add value.

I am based near Edinburgh in the United Kingdom.