Motorcycle Gloves as Personal Protective Equipment EN 13594

Further to my post on getting measured up for new bike kit (should hopefully be ready sometime in the next two weeks) I have been digging around a little to find out who supplies CE approved motorcycling kit. I was pleased to discover that my Alpinestars boots are CE approved so the only item of my kit that will not be is gloves.

The applicable standard for gloves is EN 13594 and if you do a google search the only gloves you are likely to find hits for are the Halvarssons Safety gloves. These are fine but I haven’t found a local stockist yet and to be honest the one bit of kit I have had a right hassle with over the years is gloves. A combination of big hands and bad circulation and vibes on bikes (not only my bmw but also a suzuki I rode) contribute to me getting either sore hands or numb fingers. This means I like to try them on and have a good amount of space to move around in.

So I’ve been emailing around (spot the IT guy – what’s a phone ?) to set the challenge to various folks. Generally I am getting quick responses, some to the negative, I got a positive response from Ixon in France and BMW are going to get back to me.

Once I garner the responses I will post a summary of what I found out, and where you can choose gloves from.

What I have found is quite a variance in the amount of information available on websites. Taking boots as an example, Altberg in the UK list which of their motorcycle boots are CE Certified, and the Alpinestars website has an icon to indicate which are certified. Others like BMW, Hein Gericke or Ixon don’t obviously list it on their sites. Search for CE and you will get the usual stuff about “armour”.