Bus Lane Code of Conduct for Bikers

Specific politics aside for Boris Johnston, whatever his personal politics are, but he has held to a pledge to an extended trial of allowing motorcyclists into bus lanes.

Unfortunately this has not gone down too well with the Cycling Lobby so I really hope the bikers in London rise to the challenge of showing they can use the facility well. To this end the Motorcycle Industry Association has proposed a code of conduct to make this trial a success and something that will make other councils look up and pay attention.

Unfortunately Edinburgh City Council recently decided not to review their practice of excluding motorcycles from bus lanes, and I was quite disappointed at the manner of the local cycling group compared to the other representatives.

Personally I have taken the time through people I know to understand how horse riders get on on the road, and also road cyclists and a wee bit with HGV. We are all road users and have different perspectives, and a bit of understanding but also pride in our choice of transport to use it safely and use it well.