Motorbike Tyres

The bike is in getting a new pair of tyres, the front is getting a bit near the wear indicators for comfort and the rear is quite squared off. What happens over time is that the round profile of a rear motorcycle tyre gets worn off as you ride upright most of the time. After a while this makes it harder to steer as you go over the new square edge.

I’ve decided to go for the new Bridgestone Battlax sport touring tyres the BT-021s front and back. The bike got a pair of their predecessors over 2 years ago and they have been fine for me. The bike was booked in to get the wheels changed with the new tyres but apparently the garage supplier sent BT-020s, so they have a Saturday order in to try and get the bike back to me tomorrow.

There is blurb etc about what they’ve done to develop the tyres, but the main change I can see is that the tread pattern on the front looks more funky.