WiFi Survey

While I’m on the topic of networks and the like, I have been reading over the Be Unlimited user forums and someone mentioned clashing wifi channels. I’d thought I was ok as my router does rangemax stuff to adjust and frankly throughput has been fine.

It got me to check though, as I’ve seen the problem at work when our wifi channels clash with wifi networks in the building and houses around us. I had a look in windows xp but it didn’t tell me much about the other wifi network it could see. So I turned back to an old wardriving application I had a great amount of fun with in the past. It is called WiFiFoFum and it runs on my Orange SPV M600, using its built in wifi to do its thing. It lists all networks it can see around – including those that are trying to hide their SSIDs. It logs results to xml files that you can play around with. The real fun bit is when I hook up my bluetooth GPS receiver and it adds latitude and longtitude to the information. I once left this setup running in the car and plotted the results on google maps – cue one mapped list of open wifi between the office and home!

This flushed out an access point running without SSID on the same channel as my setup, plus the other two networks I usually see from home. Time to change myself from channel 11 to one that isn’t used by the other guys.