Contact lense visit to Boots Today

Went to boots for a contact lense eye test today. Apparently I’m supposed to get my eyes checked with contact lenses annually but the last time I got them looked at was about two years ago at my last eye test. I’m not on their direct debit scheme because I only wear them on the motorbike, and that isn’t every day of the week.

As I have astigmatism it was a bit complicated last time and the prescription didn’t quite match but things have moved on in the last two years and the new set they have given me to try are excellent. A different make of daily disposables and they have ordered another set that will be even closer to the prescription for my glasses.

The new kind are called 1 day acuvue, I used to have focus daillies. The only tricky thing is that the material of these new ones is floppier and therefore harder to put in but the effort will be worth it for the better clarity. Just took them out after wearing them since midday and they have been superb, very very close to the prescription of my glasses. It was a revelation to see so clearly, without the loss of peripheral vision and the areas blocked out by the thick frames of my glasses (my wife said they were more fashionable).