Fell off my bike today :(

I was out for my Observer practical test and fell off my bike. I was getting along fine and I was down to Peebles and Galashiels and all of the way back up the A7, came up to the on-slip at Lasswade Junction on A720 for some reason a survival reaction kicked in as I made the turn and I put both brakes on and the bike went down on its left side with me.

Couple of holes in the bike – beside the LHS indicator, left hand valve cover. A few other scrapes on the bike too.

Scrapes to me are to my left boot, left arm, shoulder and knee got it too. Nothing really hurts on me apart from my right thumb, goodness knows what I was doing with that. So my kit looks a bit used – it took a while to spot the complete damage – there is a big black patch on my exhaust from where it melted through my left trouser leg.

As per usual the recovery was complicated, so I ended up with another RAC membership but thankfully the bike is now home and I can get some bits bought to fix it.

It wasn’t much fun and I’m taking a pause and reconsidering training to be an Observer with the group – if I can’t follow an Associate and stay on my bike then it is a bit pointless. I’m supposed to ride my own ride.