i2imca stories 1

I’m not sure that a huge blog post about my visit to i2imca is appropriate, so I think I’ll post things as they come to mind. One of those is the concept they have of stories. I’m not sure if it is NLP based, but the idea is that we all have a perspective on the world and i2imca calls these stories. For example, “You will crash if you brake in a bend”, “You will crash if you lock a wheel”, “You steer a bike by hanging off”, “Bikes crash in the wet”, “Sports bikes are bad for tank slappers”. These stories are based on what we know or understand, for instance watching MotoGP on the telly, by talking to your biking mates in the pub or based on what you understand of what has happened to you in the past.

The point is, some of these are wrong, miss an aspect of a situation or aren’t quite the complete picture. For instance, bikes are naturally stable above a certain speed because of the two large spinning objects attached to the frame at each end, and that they behave the same way as any other gyroscope.