Bike Passed its MOT

Had a day working from home this week so that I could drop off and collect my motorbike from the local MOT place, C&J Wilson in Uphall. At the time I took the opportunity to get the Autocom Active Plus kit fitted. Wilson’s are an Autocom dealer, and although I didn’t buy it from them, they said they were ok fitting it to the bike.

So the good news was that the bike passed its MOT, with a wee word of caution from the tester about a rattle from one of the brake discs. The discs are floating types i.e. they are not rigidly fixed to the wheel so that they can move while braking along the axis of the wheel rotation. With age the various parts wear a little so I’ll keep an eye on things. It will need to be looked at if bits start pinging off.

They also fitted the Autocom, and a very very neat job they did to. The unit itself is mounted in the tail piece of the bike, with the cables running to the front for my headset, and near the rear for the passenger headset connection (unlikely to be used). The auxiliary socket is on one side and I’ve also bought the wire to connect this to one of my recently purchased Motorola T5622s. This will give me the option of bike to bike comms for Observing and general coughing, sneezing, singing and other stuff I do when riding my motorbike.

I’ve also got a couple of other wires that plug my phone and mp3 player into the thing. I’m not planning on phone calls, but the option of music or even perhaps the TomTom GPS on my phone may be handy. Lots of gadget options to play with.