Bike goes in for a service, etc etc

I’m just back from South Queensferry, having dropped the R1100RS off at George who does servicing on my bike in his spare time. I get the RS serviced annually, with bits and bobs in between. This time it is getting a couple of treats – new suspension and heated grips! The new suspension should help it handle better and also cope with my huge weight better, and the heated grips make a big difference to comfort when riding in this country which makes you feel cold on a bike even in the summer.

The journey back was rather good, although I had to wait quite a bit on a train coming, I checked the internet timetable through my SPV M600 and discovered there was a 4 minute connection to Livingston. Travel time from Dalmeny (walking distance from George’s) was 34 minutes, including the stop over at Haymarket. The train to Livingston was direct from Haymarket – quite unusual on the Glasgow Central Line.