Another Observed Drive towards my IAM Car test today

I was out with Colin my Observer from Edinburgh IAM for my first observed drive since my mock test the other Sunday. He’d discussed my drive with the Senior Observer who took my mock test and overall they were pleased. As Colin said, it can sound like a drive was dreadful, but the point with the groups system is that you don’t get “trained” per se, but the progress is once of Observation and points to work on.

As I said about my mock test, it is important to understand this as it can sound like nothing is going right when it is nothing of the kind. I’ve got old habits to work on, one that carried over from the bikes and one that is particular to my car driving. I need to extend my observations up and as far as I can, I blame my natural introversion for that – I turn inside to think, which is not a good thing when you are going along a road at 50 miles per hour. The particular habit to car driving is to forget the left door mirror. For some reason it goes quickly, and after the discussion about my mock test Colin was sitting sideways in his seat to check whether I was using the mirror!

Observations is a drill thing, I need to force myself for a while and it will become a habit. Similarly with the mirror, though I have a wee idea to place a visual cue in the car to remind me. Perhaps a small yellow sticker or similar to catch my peripheral vision.

With my test acknowledgement through it is a case of waiting for the test itself, although there is a backlog locally and it may be the new year before I get my test. I have another observed run next week and I’ll hopefully have the results of my practice to show improvement on.